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whatever your goals, from study, planning a wedding, a huge project or starting a business.

what is boss mindset?

BOSS Mindset is the strategic planner that propels you to succeed within your significant objective, from gaining a major promotion, building a business, studying or even the nice things like getting married or planning a substantial annual holiday, and completing any complex project.

BOSS Mindset breaks down your intricate plans into daily actionable tasks that ensure you hit the specific targets and make progress every day.

Boss Mindset lays out your schedule to ensure task successes while promoting personal care, helping retain your focus, motivation and success.

Being at One with Strategy for Success Mindset.

Planner contents

Goal Commitment Contract

A unique feature that allows you to sign a contract with yourself, committing to your goals in a tangible way.

Macro cycle planning

Set out your long-term significant (life-changing) plan, from building a business, working toward a promotion or setting personal goals in education.

Meso cycle planning

Four-weekly planning for the coming cycle

Micro tasks

Weekly planning and page a day for tasks:

Includes goals based tasks, personal care, daily micro reviews and more.

Meso cycle reviews

At the end of each 4-week cycle, you reflect on your progress.

Macro cycle review

Reflection upon achieving your overall objective.


In Addition to pages for contacts that further your goals and note-taking pages, your planner features daily actions to further your quality of life, and much more!

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Mark McIntyre creator of BOSS Mindset the ultimate planner for professionals.

about Mark McIntyre

Mark McIntyre, an entrepeneaur in Northern Ireland and owner of Norn-Iron, LIFTu and Write Publish has created an eclected range of books, from childrens colouring and motivations, through to mindfulness in various formats and to various levels of complexity. With a background in Psychology with the Open University in additional to attaining Master Mindful Coach level and adding some CBT, Mark’s background is supportive of this writing.

Marks entrepreneaurial background led to the creation of BOSS Mindset, answering the same questions repeatedly; often based upon time management and retaining motivation when building a business.


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